P90x and BeachBody Review


I had promised to keep these Fitness Friday posts regular, as I was jumping back on the health and fitness wagon, that did not happen. However this time I promise it will, as the countdown for my bikini body is on! I go on holiday with two of my slimmest friends in 22 days, and I need to tone myself up.

I know I’m not going to make any dramatic changes to my body in 22 days, however I can make some noticeable changes! I aim to do this with a healthy diet, low in carbs and by working out at home with the help of my P90x DVDs from Beach Body. I have used the P90x DVDs before and was really impressed, as they are high impact and hard going workouts; think boot camp style. I only managed to follow the routine for 20 days last time before loosing my willpower, however in 20 days I lost around 10 pounds and I think 8 inches.

This time embarking on the Beach Body workouts came in perfect timing with an email received by Emily Coleman a rep from Beach Body. She noticed I had previously posted about health and fitness and asked if I would share some of their new and old products with my followers, the links are as follows;

New Programs;

P90X App for iPhone

P90X Certification

Ultimate Reset Body Cleanse

Body Beast Workout

Older (but just as good) Programs;

Insanity 60 Day Total Body Conditioning

RevAbs Workout


Now I know my followers, and after looking through the information about these programs, I know programs such as Body Beast will not appeal to some. However based upon my experience with P90x and hearing information about P90X2 and Insanity I cannot recommend these enough.If you are like me and need a workout that pushes you hard, makes you sweat buckets and make you aches in the morning, then these are for you. I’m personally excited about the P90X iPhone app, as it means I could take my workouts wherever I go.

I will tell you a little bit about P90X, as this is the programme I am familiar with. At first, like many I was put off, as I don’t want to look like a body builder. However after learning about the advantages of girls building muscle, and learning that it significantly increase the calories you burn throughout the day, plus the fact it makes you lose inches just as quickly as burning fat, I decided to give the workouts a go. The nutritional guide you receive helped sway my decision, as it’s very informative; giving meal plans and recipes.

The P90X programme consists of 12 workout DVDs, which you do a combination of 6 times a week. The workouts vary significantly, there is yoga, great cardio exercises such as plyometric and a martial arts routine, along side arm, legs and abs routines. Now don’t get me wrong these DVDs are extreme! I admit when I first started them I could not do the entire routine, but the programme is about progress, you do what you can, and aim to improve. Due to the high intensity, you will see results quickly, which is why I am following the program for the next 20 days. I follow the lean program along with my boyfriend; which is obviously designed to burn more calories as it incorporates more cardio that strength workouts, so you will lose fat quicker and develop lean muscles. I enjoy the boot-camp style of the workouts as I need someone shouting at me, encouraging me to work harder. The Plyometric workout is one of my favourites, as from this 1 hour workout you can burn around 700 calories!

Have any of my followers participated in or heard of P90x or other Beach Body programs? Do you like Boot-Camp style workouts? What are you doing to prepare yourself for your bikini?


  1. Cat0805

    Its so good! Just try your best.I love the 30 day shred, gives great results, thinking of doing a few sessions of level 3 in the next couple of weeks as well. Need to shape up 😀


  2. Essjay23x

    Tempted to try these or insanity a go but bit afraid I'll feel the burn once and give it up. I think, I got about two weeks in to the Shred maybe I should give that another go. . !:)


  3. Natalie Withers

    Thanks for following, just having a nose through your blog i must say it caught my attention straight away.. I've currently been doing Zumba classes and feel they get a little repetitive recently so was on the hunt for a new workout program. I also have a holiday coming around pretty fast and thought this P9OX looks great, what is the price and do you have the link where i could purchase it please. Natalie xxx


  4. Melissa

    when i see these things advertised on tv adverts etc, i never believe them and just think they use fitness models, until i saw a few videos of people's responses online and how they've noticed a physical change, so i think i'm willing to give it a go-nothing to lose except a bit of weight right? hehedo you know where i can purchase them so that they work on UK dvd players?thanks 🙂 http://purpletweed.blogspot.co.ukX


  5. Lauren

    Ive been wanting to give this program a try, and now im definitely going for it! I miss how much better i looked as a cheerleader in high school, and i would love to have that confidence again!Thanks for such a great review!much love,Lauren xoxo


  6. *Kar

    I have tried P90x in the past and it really did an amazing job of toning me up and shedding pounds. I randomly do some of the workouts still such as kempo x or the cardio video. I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred last week and it reminded me of the strength workouts from p90x. These are really great ways to give the body the push it needs to burn fat. Good luck on getting to your goal and hope that you keep us updated! 🙂


  7. Cat0805

    It really does work, but that's because you work hard for the results, and keep the workout varied so your body doesn't get bored. You can buy them off the UK P90X website, just google it 😀


  8. Cat0805

    I will keep you all updated. Its great to hear from another who uses these DVDs and the Shred, I love them both, as really like the bootcamp/ circuit idea of them 😀


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