An English Rosy Rose| Rimmel Blusher Review


I decided to create this post after receiving may comments on my blusher shade. I am a bit of a blush fiend, as you can see by the photos; sometimes its a little too much after I wander out into the daylight, and realise I resemble a clown. Blush is probably my second must have day-to-day daily make-up product after my beloved mascara. On days when I want to give my skin a rest, I will happily venture out with only mascara and blusher; as long as there are no monster spots on my face.

The blusher I use is only a high-street brand in the UK, which does a large range of products in many colours at reasonable prices. This blusher is a product and shade that I have been using for at least 4 years. It is cheaply priced at about Β£4.50, and I think the colour is very pigmented; once bought and used daily it still lasts about 3 months, showing that little is needed to make an impact on your face. When looking at the blush in the packaging is looks a rosy pink, as the name implies, however when swabbing it on my fingers and hand it looks a little bit more peachy. Overall it gives the face a warm flushed look that on olive skin such as mine is quite natural.

I have no intentions on ever changing my choice of blusher, Rimmel have created a shade I love and a product that is pigmented, stays on my face all day, lasts for many months, and is reasonably priced; why would I consider choosing another?

The overall range of products offered by Rimmel, I find to be a bit hit and miss, some I love and regularly purchase, others I wouldn’t even use more than once. However many high-street brands are the same, I suppose due to them offering such a wide range, they aim to satisfy everyone’s needs, so not every product will satisfy mine.

What do you think of the Rimmel brand? Is it a high-street brand you use, or avoid?


  1. Audrey.

    I really love the brand,I'm a bit disappointed about nailpolishes but that's another story!I heard that they will sell also the new bb cream!I want to try it,and I'll also want to buy the "Wake me up" foundation πŸ˜‰


  2. Cat0805

    I agree with the nail polishes, I haven't used them in a while, but I remember them to chip very easily. I want to try the wake me up foundation, think that's my next purchase:D


  3. Megs

    I'm a blush fiend as well & I love this color! It's such a sweet pink!! I've never tried Rimmel blushes, but after seeing this, I'll have to give it a try!!! Thank you for following, btw! Love your blog as well! Will be following πŸ˜‰ xo, Megs


  4. Meg

    This blush looks so good on you! I love a good drugstore favourite! I love Rimmel's stay matte powder, I doubt I'll ever use a different one to be honest, you have such a lovely blog and I'm now following πŸ™‚


  5. Stephie

    I love that blush on you! It does give that lovely flushed look with a bit of sparkle in it at well which I personally think is lovely in blushes! I've used Rimmel before for my liquid eyeliner which I think is pretty good for such a low price and for a face powder, but worried with that it was a little too heavy for my skin. I think they're a good brand and great for a girl on a budget, like me haha. Steph @ Stephie in Wonderland x


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