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After reading a few blog posts by other lovely ladies I decided to give DIY lash inserts a try. I have wanted to have professional ones for a long time, but I cannot justify the expense, not so much the initial expense, but having to pay at least £20 every two to three weeks, to have them touched up; after a few months that’s going to take a big dip out of my income. I have also been weary as I am a chronic eye rubber! I’m really bad, especially when I’m tired, I shouldn’t do it anyways as I wear contacts, but it’s habit I haven’t yet managed to kick… hello prematurely wrinkly eyes!

However given that these eyelashes cost me only £4.99 from Amazon, and the glue was only a couple of pounds I thought, for £7, why not! Now I am an expert applying false eyelashes for nights out, I would never go out without them. However these individual lashes were a different story, mainly because you apply them to your lashes not the skin above them, so fiddling around with my tweezers, getting the right amount of glue, and lining them up, proved at first to be difficult. The biggest difficulty was applying them in a line close enough to each other, so there wasn’t any obvious gaps. After doing one eye, the second was a lot easier, so its clear that practice make perfect, but it took me a good half an hour to get them right.

The second, third and fourth pictures show the lashes with no added mascara. I would be happy to leave the house with them just like this if I was off to university or work, as the look long, lush and natural. The only downside is that I had applied too much glue which resulted in residue that dried in white lumps on my lashes, so when closing my eyes this was evidential, as seen in the pictures The last two pictures are with two layers of mascara over the top of them, which is how I wore them for my birthday meal.

The main draw for lash inserts for myself was the time saved applying mascara. If I had inserts I wouldn’t have to put layers of mascara on in the morning, so the big test for me was whether they would last the night!

When taking the mascara off, I used a Simple Gentle Eye-Makeup Remover, resulting in only two inserts coming loose. However after switching off my bedroom light and getting a good eight hours sleep, the morning was a different story. I awoke to what looked like a few dead spiders on my pillow, and the rest of the inserts were crooked and loose. Over the night the inserts nearer the outer corners of my eyes came loose and fell out onto my pillow, and I would say about 60% of the rest become crooked or loose. I was highly disappointed as I ended up taking the rest off as they were irreparable.

I can’t decide whether the lack of staying power over night was a result to my eye rubbing, which I never did consciously, maybe in my sleep… but I would never know, or the cheap glue. So, I am going to try again! If anyone can recommend an excellent glue with great staying power let me know, as I want lash inserts that stay the night, not wither on my pillow in the morning! So keep your eyes peeled for attempt number two, as I am determined to have luscious lashes 24/7!


  1. Amiieelicious

    They look good for your first attempt! I can honestly say that with time, you will get better and you wont find it as fiddly!I think the reason why they didn't last as long was down to you rubbing your eyes as when you've attached them, it starts to dry but does take quite a long time to dry completely. And perhaps your eyelashes are not used to being weighed down as much.As I find that when I haven't applied my lashes for about a week or two, when I do then get round to applying them, my eyes feel rather itchy xoxo


  2. Lila Moonlight

    Wooow what a difference it makes, I never used one but want to try one day. Your eyes are big, nicely shaped and the color is so nice. I also like the color of your blush, what brand and shade is it?


  3. Aimee Victoria Long

    Hey doll, What a cool post ☺ You have an awesome blog, loving it’s aesthetic! The overall style is really nice and something I can relate to, we definitely have similar taste and it would be cool if we could follow each other?! I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog and really glad a did, I will be checking back soon. I would also like to invite you to my ‘promote your blog’ challenge I have featured on my blog, where us bloggers are helping one another find more followers and readers. It would be great if you could join in: you have facebook, I would be so so so grateful if you liked my page: xxx


  4. Ali Hazel

    Great review! They look so lovely! I will definitley be checking to see if you find some good glue – I don't often wear false lashes becuase of this so that will be helpful!! I am now a follower 🙂 x


  5. xKirstxBx

    I love those individual lashes! Totally open up your eyes, much more than mascara. They get easier to apply when you do it a few times 🙂 have you tried using glue that lasts a few days? You can buy it from Sallys and it makes my lashes stay on for about a week xxxx


  6. RebeccaLaBelleza

    They look really good! If I'm using false lashes I always tend to go for individual ones as they look so much more natural.As for them not lasting long, I always find false lashes never last longer than a day (two if your lucky). Although you can get different glue that keeps them in tact for a while longer.If you're worried about getting these applied in a salon and paying every few weeks to have them touched up, you can get lash extensions that are actually bonded to the tip of each individual lash rather than glued into your lash line. These last about a month at the least but can last up to 3 months and usually cost around £60-£80 depending where you get them done. I've had this done once and they were amazing. No fallout whatsoever in the first 4 or 5 weeks and they didn't come off with cleanser (though it does need to be oil free) or rubbing or anything which is great. I'd definitely recommend it, even if not re-touched every 2-3 months because that can get a bit expensive but just for one application, say if you're going on holiday and would rather not wear mascara.Becca xx


  7. Cat0805

    I'm going to try and find glue, as they take too long for them to just fall out at the end of the day. Thanks for the tip on the salon ones, I'm thinking of getting some for my mums wedding x


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