Lush Bubble Bar Review| Where are my bubbles?


It is very rare that I indulge myself and have a bath, I am a very busy girl and I do not have time to run a bath then soak in it for an hours. However sometimes, like that large glass of wine when finishing an awful day at work, a nice long bath is needed. This was a day when a bath was needed, I was achy from a workout the day before, I had spent many hours sat in a library staring at a computer screen, and I had the house to myself… perfect time to indulge in a bath.

For this bath I decided I wanted loads of bubbles, to me there is something fun and comforting about bubbles… they very much remind of being a child and playing in them for hours! So out came my Lush gift box, that I received for Christmas, and low and behold I had a Bubble Bar, the SuperStars Bubble Bar. I have never tried such a product before, and as I am always impressed with the bath bombs from Lush, I thought I would also love this product. However this was not the case. I will give it a little review for you, and my feelings.

The Good

  • The smell- fruity, but luxury, and relaxing.

  • Animal friendly- ALWAYS a plus.

  • The way it made my skin feel. I emerged form the bath with wonderful silky skin.

The Bad

  • The bubbles did not last at all. I didn’t even add any other product to the bath that would have caused them to disappear.

  • Actually making the bath- I had to hold the bubble bar underneath running water, which when the bar began to disintegrate was a little difficult. (I have seen recently, that Lush have bubble bars on sticks, which may the answer to this complaint).

I don’t think I will repurchase a Bubble Bar, I think the product is not my style. I am quite a lazy girl when I want to be, so when I draw a bath, I enjoy bath bombs, as I can throw them in and not stand around waiting. HOWEVER I do have to mention that this product is now nearly 5 months old, and I know Lush product have use by dates, so this may have been past its best, and thus not performed as well as it should. Therefore, I will probably give this product one last try and see if I gain get the masses of bubbles that my inner child longs for.

What do you think of Bubble Bars? Are you a Bath Bomb girl like me?


  1. Geo

    Your not doing it right, if you break off like a quarter of it, and crumble that under the running water you will get tons of bubbles! im currently using the dorothy bubble bar, and i've had 4 baths from it! i used half once and it nearly over flowed with the bubbles! haha


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