Golden stripes| NOTD


Well I am a very busy little bunny at the moment, yet again I seem to have let my university deadlines creep around and smack me in the face, so I spend my days and nights reading and writing yet more reports and assignments. Although I may be looking like a bummy student at the moment, at least my nails have been glam this week. It always cheers me up when I’m typing up thousands of words to look down and see sparkly nails.
So this look is created using a 17 Golden glimmer shade, and a Topshop white/ivory shade. I painted my nails firstly with the white, as it allows the gold to show its colour more, as it has a base. The obviously added a coat of gold, then hand drew French tips on some my fingers, apart from the thumb and ring finger, whereby I drew vertical stripes… just to mix it up a bit .
This again like last week is adding a twist on the standard French tips, as this was the basis of the idea. Please do excuse the not so straight line, I simply drew them freely, so they aren’t great. I really want to invest in a nail varnish pen to help great designs such as this. If anyone could advice a range, that would be great.
I’m looking forward to the bank holiday weekend, as I am holiday from work next week, so am only working tomorrow, then I am off till next Sunday, plus there is a little occasion called my birthday on Tuesday, so I’m super excited! Oh and I finish university for good this next week!
I hope my lovely followers have had a lovely week, and have some super plans for the Bank Holiday weekend. Let me know what you are up to?


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