Makeup Storage I wish I had never bought


Well I actually bought this not so of a gem of a makeup box quite a few months ago, and have wrestled with it ever since.

For my day-to-day make-up; I store that in a make-up bag that just gets moved around the house as and when I use it, as it means I can just grab it and take it to whether-ever I go, and its all in one place.

However for my other make-up items that aren’t used on my face everyday, like many other girls, they were all thrown into a top draw of my dresser. This was a nightmare! I could never find anything, and regularly things would leak and ruin other items. So one day I decided enough was enough! I went onto amazon and started searching for vanity cases, I wanted something sleek, and not translucent, so I could just throw everything in, and no one would see the mess inside. I mean I am a lucky girl, and as I have a second bedroom, when I have no guests, this second bedroom is my walk-in wardrobe/ dressing room, it is literally filled with clothes, make-up and shoes, that I hide when I do have guests. So I wanted something that could be placed on top of the dresser, that looks good, but was more organised than a draw. Something that would make the most of my dressing room.

I decided that this was the make-up box I wanted, I liked the sleek curves of it, the fact it was black, and that it was cheap at £16. But god, I didn’t expect it to look so cheap! From the outside, it looks fine, but when I received it, its clear to see that a cheap price means cheap quality, it was not a bargain, it is just tat! The draws themselves feel like they are make out of cardboard, and its flimsy. regularly I’m fighting the draws back in. Its a lot smaller than I imagined, so only fits in like half of the stuff I wanted it too, so I still have a giant make-up bag that holds the other proportion of my make-up collection. Not the sleek, tidy and organised look I wanted for my dresser top.

So I am still searching! I have seen loads of great reviews and pictures of the Muji drawers, that I am tempted, but I didn’t really want a see-through storage unit, as when I have guests I don’t want my clutter being on show.

So if anyone has any other recommendations? Or can persuade me to buy the Muji drawers then give me your thoughts! I need ideas and solutions girls, before this vanity case drives me insane!


  1. xKirstxBx

    Where do you live sweetie? If there is a Sally / Salon Services near you go have a look there, they do really good ones but they can be quite pricey. Or, do what I did and go to a sewing / haberdashery shop, you can get large boxes to store threads and jewellery or whatever. They are normally cheaper than beauty stores and do the same job. Most have different compartments too so you can keep it in order 🙂 xxx


  2. Emma

    Naw what a shame 😦 I love those drawers that are actually leather or faux leather and you can get several colours. They sell them at Target here but I am sure you can get them online somewhere. They are just the same size as the clear acrylic drawers but they are a solid colour 🙂 xo


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