Giant Clothes Haul


Playsuit // Printed Dress // Maxi Dress // Black Dress // Tan Blazer // Tweed Blazer // Bird Print Dress // Blue and Green Dress

It seems over the past few weeks I have spent quite a significant amount of my hard earned wages on clothes, some necessary, some not. However I claim it is all necessary as its a new season, therefore I need new clothes. So pretty printed dresses and playsuits are a must!

As you will see a lot of my clothes were from New Look, but thankfully I had a voucher left from Christmas, so these clothes were technically were free… yeah! The bad thing is there are so many other things in many stores that I am lusting after… I already see next months wages disappearing quickly… not what I need. There are so many pretty blazers in H&M, River Island and Primark that I seem to want in every colour… a bit obsessed about blazers seems I’ve already bought two this month!

I have already worn a lot of these clothes already. As you will see that the Bird Print Dress I wore the other night to the Drake gig. I wear the tan blazer all the time, it seems to have replaced my grey blazer for day-to-day wear. The only dress I haven’t worn yet is the maxi dress, as it is very summery and it has done nothing but rain since I bought it, so I think I will be waiting a while till I am sporting that number, unfortunately.

What are you lusting after this month? Or season?


  1. Nicole Marley

    I love that black dress from ASDA, I was surprised when I scrolled to the bottom to see where you had bought it! I love monochrome items! Im following you now hun, follow me back if you like I will be posting more hauls and wishlists soon =] xoxoxox


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