Drizzy Drake- OOTD


Dress- NewLook // Shoes-Ebay // Balzer-New Look // Belt-H&M // Rings- Primark and H&M

For those of you who follow me on twitter, you will have seen me raving on about going to Drake’s gig in Newcastle last night. Now I’m not normally a girl who frequents concert halls, arena and gigs, but every now and again an artist comes along who I will go an see. Yet I am not the kind who gets involved in the action, you will find me propping up the bar at the back of the arena, not being squashed and sweated on at the front. So I seem to be quite dressed up in these photos, and I thought I was going to be overdressed, as I chose my outfit based on the notion that my friends and I were attending the after party, meaning I dressed for a night out. However I was actually rather under dressed and was showing a hell of a lot less skin than about eighty per cent of the other girls at the gig. Good grief there was some skimpy outfits… I sound like my nana… obviously showing my old age!

The gig itself was great, he sang all the songs I would of wanted him to, and put on a good show. The after party however was ridiculous! We went there straight after the gig, as although we had tickets, the club released more tickets than capacity, so I didn’t want to be disappointed. However the club became so busy, meaning it was not enjoyable, despite the good music being played.

So I want to know what others dress like at gigs? I made the mistake of wearing heels, so my feet gave up on me quite quickly, and there are still quite painful now… never again! Are flats a must? What are your wardrobe staples for gig going?


  1. Rachel - Notes from my closet

    I haven't been to a gig in what feels like decades! I remember wearing outfits similar to this though, girly floaty dresses with a rock edge, I always wore heels but looking back flats would have been more practical… the floors in venues can get really slippery so flats can be a lifesaver! 🙂 I love your dress! the print is so beautiful 🙂 Love, Rachel


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