A lush time in Lush


Todays post is a haul, but also a recognition of excellent customer service. From working within customer service for the past 8 years I know that it is rare to hear of good customer service experiences, as it is always negative experiences that people remember and pass on to others. Today I am going to change that and tell you lovely girls about my wonderful visit to the Lush store in Eldon Square in Newcastle.

I decided to pop in to buy some little treats for my mum, and having not visited a lush store for sometime I took my time, browsing at many items. During this time, two members of staff came up to me asking if I needed any help, asking me about my day, and offering their advice and personal experiences with certain products. I noticed that the other members of staff we all interacting with the customers, showing demonstrations, talking about products etc.; no one in this store had a chance of being ignored.

I settled upon a facemask and a reusable bubble bar. When purchasing the product I was engaged in conversation with the server, the staff definitely weren’t having a conversation between themselves, like you see in many other high-street stores. I was told about how the products should be used, and about a campaign they currently are having against animal testing, offering me the chance to sign a petition and even write my name on their shop window in a sign of how many of us are against animal testing- which was a great personalised act.

Overall I left feeling I had been a valued, welcome customer; with a huge smile on my face; and even a spring in my step.Β  One thing I really enjoy is excellent customer service, and I have to say that the girls in this Lush store were above and beyond my expectations.

How have your experience faired in other Lush stores? Are all their stores excellent at delivering great customer service, or does Newcastle have a gem of a Lush store?


  1. Hannah

    I've always received great service in my local store, too. I've heard amazing things about that face mask – looking forward to seeing how you get on with it!www.freshlookbeautyblog.com


  2. Cat0805

    Yeah I know, the campaign, was to do with the fact that large companies are wanting the EU to delay a law that bans animal testing on all ingredients within the EU. This store alone has managed to get 25000 signatures in a week I think they said, so credit to them.


  3. Essjay23x

    One thing that always strikes me about Lush (and I've been to five or six different stores on numerous occasions), is just how friendly and passionate all of their staff are. I have never seen any staff member look bored in Lush, in confrontation with/or ignoring a customer or talking/sniping between themselves. I always feel comfortable walking in to their store. The fact that so many of their products smell gorgeous and do what is billed, is a bonus!:)


  4. Lila Moonlight

    I have been enjoying my lush hand and body creams so much, they smell gorge and no more dry skin. Have you tried the rose and argan one, it smells divine, and sympathy for skin is also so good. I got the same bath stick : ) And the lush shops I visited so far are always very inviting and people working very helpful. Hope you are having a lovely weekend : )


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