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regional beauty obsessions


I read in the daily mail today that you can tell a lot by a women’s makeup bag and beauty products based upon where she lives in the UK. Research has revealed that women spend their money on different make-up products depending on where they live in the country.  But I suppose it makes sense if you were to compare the girls in the different reality TV shows on television. The girls of Geordie Shore and the girls of Made In Chelsea could not look more different!

Base upon where I live in Newcastle apparently we buy 15% more moisturiser than the national average. I don’t know about any other Newcastle girls out there, but I wouldn’t say I over buy moisturiser. I would say that I instead have an unhealthy obsession with Fake Tan and Mascara. I am a girl who would never, never, never leave the house without my mascara. I think I look like a bug or an alien without mascara being worn, so I would never be able to go without it, and I probably use it way too much. I am also a girl who hates to look pale, I have had an obsession with being bronzed since I was about 13, so its a good 10 year obsession I have. If I look at my arm and see it looking paler than I wish, I will definitely be applying tan when I get home. Thankfully I am smart and do not risk my health for this bronzed obsession, I have never been on a sunbed, and never would, I have very strong views about the topic of sunbeds, but that’s another story.

I think based upon the Geordie girls I would say that fake-tan and fake eyelashes are a big obsession here. If you go out on a weekend, tanned skin is on show everywhere, and a lot of skin is shown, whatever the weather! The girls seem to have no sensitivity to cold up here! In all the Boots and Superdrug stores there is always a large selection of fake-tans and fake-eyelashes. But then I have always assumed that fake-tan was a national obsession not a regional obsession, so I want to know what your obsession is?

What is your obsession? What can you not live without?  What does that majority of local areas seem to be obsessed with?

Do you agree with the results to the research?


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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