Easter Week Through the Eyes of my Blackberry

I’ve had quite a busy few weeks, despite them not being productive, I have clocked up a few miles of travelling. I decided to treat myself to some quality time with friends and family before I start back on my university assignments.

Firstly I visited my home in the Lake District with my boy. We haven’t actually spent much quality time there together since Christmas, so it was great to catch up with my Mum, her partner and my Grandparents, along with all the animals, all six of them. The weather was not great, but we still managed to take a nice walk with the dogs one day…its these simple pleasures that make me happy.

When I arrived back in Newcastle from Cumbria I then took my first visit to Sunderland to spend some time with my friend whom I lived and studied in France with. We had a night of beautifying and cooking, then spent the next day leisurely shopping. It was great to finally see where she grew up and to meet more of her family. I have only worked since returning form Sunderland, so no excitement there, especially since I will be moving back into the library for the next two weeks again.

It was also a big week for my blog this week. I finally hit 10,000 views, so many thanks to each and everyone of you who dropped by to read my ramblings. I hope you continue to read, and maybe even follow to ensure you don’t miss any posts.

I hope you all had a lovely few weeks. How did you spend your Easter weekend?


  1. Terri

    Love your week in photos! I've just done one too lol.Btw… you're ebay post inspired me. I'm moving house soon and need to get rid of stuff I don't use but it's soooo hard to let some of my stuff go grrr. Love Txhttp://www.awhimsyheart.blogspot.com


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