Ebay Obsessed


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As I have mentioned in earlier posts. I have become a little bit obsessed with selling my belongings on Ebay. I have always bought many bargains from the sight, however have been a selling virgin until the past month or so.

It stemmed from me successfully selling my old business books that I now longer needed, and making a tidy little sum of money. Although not reclaiming the hundreds I have spent on books it certainly helps my student income… which is limited!

After seeing a few of you lovely ladies successfully selling old makeup items, clothing items and accessories on Ebay, I thought to myself… rather than throw the stuff away.. which I do sometimes…I know, I know I should give it to charity.. I decided to give it a go myself. So far I have made £100 from old bags, and clothing items that I never use. I, like many others, find myself buying items to use them once, then never again. So they have no faults  or wear or tear; they just end up clogging up my wardrobe.

I now have the Ebay bug! Everytime I sell an item I do a little dance, I get so excited! I take great pride in packing the item up and posting it off, and I love knowing that someone out there will gain joy from an item that was previously sat in my wardrobe never seeing the light of day. I have even dedicated my spare room into my Ebay production line.

The downside is that I now find myself wanting to sell all my belongings and my boyfriend’s… I’m a girl obsessed.

I currently have six dresses, two tops, two bags and two skirts up for sale if anyone is interested. My shop is just Here.

What do you all think of Ebay? A great tool for finding bargains? Or is it just filled with everyone’s junk? Am I the only girl who is obsessed?


  1. Leigh Travers

    There's nothing wrong with being eBay obsessed! At least your recycling your old clothing rather than throwing it away and making a nice little sum at the same time. My boyfriend have been in an eBaying partnership from years now selling everything from clothes to fridge magnets and it pays the bills, so I'm happy to also be an eBay addict!Lovely blog by the way!♥ Leigh, Fox & Feather


  2. theheadlessstylist

    Hey, Ive just found your blog and its awesome, you have the coolest style. Would love if you could come and check out my blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other, just follow and leave me a comment. Seriously awesmoe blog, so happy to be reading it xxtheheadlessstylist.blogspot.co.uk


  3. Rachel - Notes from my closet

    I do love ebay and did regularly sell on there but after a while the shine went away and spending time taking photos and measuring clothes got more of a chore ha ha 🙂 I really should start again I have a huge pile of clothes waiting for that spark of motivation :)Love, Rachel


  4. Me -

    I LOVE ebay 😀 you always get a good find and prices are great. I buy all my jewellery supplies off there at such a cheap price lol.daisy-laura.blogspot.co.ukxxx


  5. Cat0805

    You might as well try, there are loads of people out there that live in pre-loved clothes.I haven't actually bought anything that is second hand, but I don't have a problem with it, I just haven't found anything I love that's in my size. As long as they are clean, and their are no signs of wear and tear that aren't fixable, then I would definitely buy.


  6. Suzanne Marie

    i am scared of buying stuff of ebay , but i think it is a great way to get rid of stuff we do not need or barley used. I have so much clothing that I got but never wore but from other side I just can not get rid of my stuff even thoguh I know I will not wear it hahamaybe one day I Will get into it since I know you can get real deals on ebay :)xxxhttp://fashion-journal-bysuzannemarie.blogspot.co.uk/


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