A New Month, A New Hair Colour

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I think I’m a girl obsessed; I seem to change my hair colour before I even use up the 6 weeks of conditioner that comes in the packet. I realised the other day that my hair was looking a bit bland, a bit lacklustre in colour, it may just be the lighting in the library, where I am currently living, but I decided I needed to dye it immediately. So off to Asda I went, and picked the colour that took my fancy, which this time was a reddy/ plum colour… a bit more brave that my usual choice, but seems it was reduced to £4 I decided it was a must.

I have never tried Schwarzkopf  before, I was very surprised and anxious when I was applying the colour, because as you can see from the pictures, the colour in the bottle was carrot orange, and it went onto my hair in an orange colour.

Thankfully the result is not a carrot orange colour, but quite a reddy brown. It is more red than I normally go, but I still like it. I have found that it has taken about 4 or 5 washes to rinse the colour out in it entirety, so I would warn any of you who  have white towels or pillows to ensure you wash out all the dye, so as to not ruin your upholstery

I am wondering if there are others out there who impulse buy their hair colour? What influences your choice of hair colour? For me it is a combination of my mood, and what is on offer. I am not loyal to brands in anyway.


  1. LittleVi

    I love your hair colour! I have dark brown hair naturally but tend to dye it depending on the seasons – light brown/caramel in summer, dark red/brown in winter. I'm quite fickle though and change it often!


  2. Beth

    Love the colour! I used to dye my hair quite a lot and always used Garnier Herbashine because it was semi-permanent and I used to change my mind about what colour I wanted every week, I'm far too indecisive when it comes to hair haha xx


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