Graze Box Review


For a while now I have seen a few insert advertisements in a few magazines for Graze Boxes. The advertisement offered a free first box, I have always had my eye on them, but it wasn’t until the other day that I took the plunge and joined the website.

The idea of Graze boxes are that you sign up to the website, rate the products based upon whether you would like to try them or not, then based on your conclusions the company send out a random selection of the products you said you would like to try, so its like a little surprise. All the snacks are health and natural, making your snacking throughout the week a little healthier.

You receive 2 boxes a week, at £3.79 per box, you get to choose between the 100 different product, then they deliver them to your home or work.

In my box, I received honeycomb Flapjack, Copacabana, Salsa Mexicanos and Mississippi Bbq Pistachios. The calorie count for these boxes ranged between 51 cal and 290 cal. I enjoyed each of the products, especially the flapjack. For the entire range of products, due to my own personal taste, the products that I would like are quite limited, but this is due to the fact that I dislike dried fruit, and this features heavily in a lot of the products. Overall I love the concept, and will continue to order my boxes, as I know it will help me snack more healthily having one of these little boxes in my bag, rather than a bag of crisps.

As part of this scheme I have 3 vouchers for a free first box, that if are used by my friends, I get a pound off  future boxes for each one used. So if you are intreeged by this product and would like to try it, then comment below with your email and I will send you the voucher code for your own free box to try.  Its is only for the first 3 people, so be quick!


  1. Katie

    I got Graze box delivered a few years ago and then cancelled it after a while. It's such a great idea but unfortunately I couldn't spare £28 pcm for it. I love how they don't just give you fruit but a nice mixture.xo


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