Stylist Pick Satchel Bag

Stylist Pick Satchel Bag
Stylist Pick Satchel Bag
Stylist Pick Satchel Bag
Stylist Pick Satchel Bag
Stylist Pick Satchel Bag
Stylist Pick Satchel Bag

Just a quick little post to share with you the new love in my life, my Andrea bag from Stylist Pick.

I have been a member of Stylist Pick for many many months now, but had never made a purchase. I don’t think there was a month when I looked at my showroom and found something that screamed “buy me now!” However this month I finally made my first purchase.

I have been looking for a new handbag for a while now, and as I use my handbag daily till it breaks or I just don’t like it anymore, I needed one that I was in love with. I regularly swap and change my clutch bags and other bags for special occasions or nights out, but for going to work and university I stick to the one bag. Therefore I was over the moon when I found this bag, it is perfect for me, casual for everyday use, but smart enough for my dressed up personal style.  Even better, as it was my first purchase I received 25% off my order, so it only cost me £30… bargain!

As for Stylist Pick themselves, I was very impressed with the service. The product arrived this morning, and I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon, therefore delivery was very swift, which makes me very happy! Also the bag was wrapped up lovely. It was placed inside a material bag to protect it, and placed in a shopping bag, and the invoice was folded into a pretty little card. For the price of £40 (normal price) I think Stylist Pick go above and beyond expectations.


  1. katie.

    This bag is gorgeous! I've been signed up to stylist pick for ages too but nothing seems to catch my eye. This actually reminds me of a bag i saw in zara but for half the price! xxx


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