How To Reduce Cellulite

How To Reduce CelluliteHow To Reduce CelluliteHow To Reduce Cellulite

I’m going to be honest here, so I don’t know about you, but I know I suffer from the dreaded cellulite, but thankfully I’m not alone as apparently Ninety per cent of women suffer from it, including celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively! It is caused by a combination of factors including toxin build up, water retention and poor circulation.

Below are some tips I have picked up over the year to help reduce the appearance of cellulite!

Step One- Change your diet

Healthy eating is very important when it comes to cellulite, as eating processed, junk food only encourages our bodies to retain water and slows down our circulation. Reducing your consumption of saturated fat, caffeine, wheat, salty foods, alcohol and refined carbs will make a big difference.

Step Two- Move your body

Exercise it the most effective way to ridding cellulite. For the best results you should try and mix up your work outs, include; aerobic exercises such as jogging and cycling or swimming; toning exercises such as weight training and lots of squats; lymph-boosting exercises like yoga and Pilates.

Step Three- Stimulate your system

Stimulating your lymphatic system increases the oxygen travelling through the body, and gets rid of toxins. The most effective method is through body brushing. You do this by selecting a brush which is not too soft or not too hard, and brush before your bath or shower. Start at the feet and working up your legs and across the hips, bottom and stomach in upward strokes. Move from the hands, up the arms to the shoulders, always brushing towards your heart.

7 Top Tips

  1. Eat plenty of fresh foods and reduce your processed food consumption.
  2. Eat protein daily.
  3. Cut out fatty, sugary foods which are stored as fat, mainly on your lower body.
  4. Drink loads of still water!
  5. Exercise! Exercise and Exercise!
  6. Relax once a day- take a few minutes to concentrate on your breathing.
  7. Body brush to improve the skin texture and use a good moisturiser.

Do you have any of your own tips?

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