Montagne Jeunesse Smoothie Face Mask | Review

Montagne Jeunesse Smoothie Face mask review
Montagne Jeunesse Smoothie Face mask review
Montagne Jeunesse Smoothie Face mask review
Montagne Jeunesse Smoothie Face mask reviewMontagne Jeunesse Smoothie Face mask review

    Last night, I took my usual late night trip to Asda to get my tea, and was very excited to see they currently have a load of beauty and toiletry items on special offer.  I didn’t get too much, but did buy a special bumper pack of face-masks, which I haven’t seen been sold like this anywhere else.

    It was a bumper pack of Montagne Jeunesse sachets, there were two boxes on offer. A box filled with 5 sachets of chocolate treatments, for face, hair and body, and the pack I chose, a 5 pack of face-masks.The boxes are normally sold at Β£5 ish, however they were on offer for I think Β£3.

    So last night I decided have a mini pamper and chose the Crushed Raspberry Fruit Smoothie, Deep Pore Cleaning face-mask. The product is described as;

    “Our delicious nutritious smoothie mix of raspberries, peach, mango, apricot and pomegranate isn’t a drink but it is bound to leave you in a smiley mood- with fresher, cleansed  and softer skin’ 

    The Good

  • Left my skin incredibly smooth.

  • Loads of product, so enough for two treatments.

  • Animal friendly. Quote-We’re vegetarian and animals are our friends-that’s why we don’t bash bunnies or add bits of animal!”

  • A cheap product

  • The product had a rich and creamy texture.

    The Bad

  • Nothing really, I suppose the fact that there is too much product can be wasteful.

Over all- 5/5- Its a super product and I have to agree with everything the product claims to be. It smelt absolutely gorgeous, good enough to eat (but don’t.) I have used these products over the years, but  I’m still looking forward to using the other four products.


  1. Yolandaas

    I used to do that before too, putting everything on, but now if I use them I just use half and save the other half for later. Just leave it in the package it works fine! And they do come in squeezy bottles aswell fyi.. Xx great review


  2. Cat0805

    Thanks for the tip, I always thought it would dry up if left open. And I am very excited that their masks come in squeezy bottles, I did not know this, I will definitively getting some πŸ˜€


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