Plastic Surgery Madness

Recently plastic surgery is very much everywhere in the media due to the uproar about the poisonous breast implants, PIP.

I will put it straight out there, my own opinion on plastic surgery.

I believe that for those who is is necessary for, then yes go ahead, if it makes your life easier to lead, or helps you for medical reasons, then definitely. For those who choose to do plastic surgery for non-medical reason, please be careful. I am not against plastic surgery at all! But I believe many do not see the severity of the surgery, and how addictive it can be. Many enjoy the quick fix it gives to themselves and their confidence, and then resort to it more and more. That is where I stand.

This post is about the influence of plastic surgery on children. I came across an article in Closer Magazine about Sarah Burges, 51, who buys her daughter, 7, vouchers for plastic surgery for when she is 18. Madness!  The mother herself has been dubbed the Plastic Barbie as she has had over £500,000 worth of plastic surgery.  Apparently little Poppy asks for plastic surgery all the time, she wants to look good, , and she can’t wait to be like her Mummy with big boobs, as they are pretty. Her mother believes that she is investing into Poppy’s future, as looks are a big part of peoples futures, and little girls dream of becoming WAGS etc, so looks are essential to achieve this goal.

So I know this is an extreme example of the effects of plastic surgery on children, but it shows there does exist a relationship between children being surrounded by it and it’s influence.

In my opinion this mother is showing her daughter that perfection can be bought and achieved through plastic surgery, and its not OK to be happy with the way you look naturally, you need to enhance beauty. Overall small girls can grow up believing that they are not good enough, you have to be careful around influential minds.

I know being a beauty blogger, it can seems sceptical as we are always talking about beauty products and how good they make us feel and look, but I believe plastic surgery takes this beauty obsession to another level.

I would really love to know about all your opinions on plastic surgery.

Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?


Do you believe the younger generation are more susceptible to buying plastic surgery?

I want to know, as we never talk about such a big issue in the beauty industry, yet we are all beauty bloggers, thanks girls!


  1. Emma

    Ergh, this woman sickens me. Her daughter is going to get enough pressure as is from the media growing up in this world. I think plastic surgery is a marvellous invention when it is done for the right reasons. This woman just looks strange and plastic, it's too much. I wouldn't get surgery now that I know what is involved, if you had of asked me when I was a teen I would have said I wanted my boobs and nose done. My boobs then grew two cup sizes and I like to think I grew into my nose haha! I think there should be an age limit of 21 (even if you have parents permission) for plastic surgery unless you need to get it done for your health or if you've had an accident or something. Your attitude and mind frame changes so much when you're out of your teens and so many people regret the choices they made. Anyway I've rambled on enough haha 🙂


  2. Cat0805

    Thanks so much for your little ramble, I love to hear peoples opinions. She is definitely damaging her daughters, they will only grow up more concerned about their looks more than anything else. I do agree with you that many people do thin about it, but go ahead with plastic surgery before they have grown into their body, or grown to know their body. x


  3. Enchantress Enchantress

    I think Child Care services should move their bottoms and do something! She is mad, and she is not a bright mum for her daughter. I am not against plastic surgery but I hate ppl who goes under plastic surgery every so often, oh I got cellulite go for liposuction, oh my nose is big i want a smaller nose, oh my ears are big etc etc, than that person becomes somebody else. We need to learn happily with our body. I think ppl should go for plastic surgery if it is something necessary, like if you had an accident or if you have a big scar on your face etc. Plastic Surgery is not a child's game that you go under it every so often, it's like I crave for sweets, she craves for Plastic Surgery, It's so normal and ordinary for her.


  4. Cat0805

    You are completely right. Plastic surgery is not a quick fix, it should be though about for a long time, as it is very dangerous and can be addictive. People see it as an easy solution and that needs to change, especially when it comes to little girls growing up in a society that thinks its acceptable to blow large amounts of money on plastic surgery without considering the consequences. Thanks for your input darling 😀


  5. ayesha x

    Stories like this never fail to distress me. Young girls shouldn't be given plastic surgery vouchers by their mothers – that's obscene! They Shouldn't be thinking about their looks at such a young age. It also looks like that girl might be wearing makeup (eye liner maybe?) I also think that's incredible wrong. No child should grow up too fast!Great blog post, it's interesting that you addressed this. I enjoyed reading your thought on it :)Ayesha


  6. Marc Bryan

    I've heard of this before, being not against plastic surgery. Hearing this is kind of shocking, in a sense that she's only 7 and she's even prettier than her mom! Adults who like to have surgeries shouldn't influence their underage daughter, like what she's doing to her. The good thing is the voucher is redeemable when she reaches the age of 18, and by that time she can already decide for herself if she wants to do it or not. But for now, I hope that she’s just enjoying being a kid and has forgotten about getting bigger breasts when she's older.Marc Bryan


  7. Shavonda Duarte

    I think, the good thing here is it's redeemable when she turns 18. We just all wish that by the time she reaches that age, this plastic surgery thing will be out of her system. She's already pretty now, she'll get even prettier when she gets older. I hope that she'll think about more important things other than this.Shavonda Duarte


  8. Barbara Brindley

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