L’oreal Paris Sublime Mouse Hair Dye Review

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The Good

Application is very very easy, just massage the moose onto your hair, mix it all in, be as messy as you want (or don’t want). you don’t have the normal nozzle that you have to drag through your hair.

– Rinsing out the hair dye was quick. I don’t have thick hair but it does normally take a while to wash out all the hair dye. This one literally washed straight out, took a lot less time than other traditional hair dyes.

– The smell was not too overwhelming in my opinion.

– The real life match was similar to what the pack suggested the results would be.

The Bad

– After washing and rinsing my hair with the conditioner in the pack, my hair was not as shiny as other hair dyes have left it afterwards.

Overall- 4/5

I love this hair dye more than others because of the ease of application. The only downside is I doesn’t leave my hair as shiny as I would like, but I would buy it again.

Have you tried this product before? Which hair dye do you use?


  1. Katie

    I used a foam hair dye once, I think it was John Freida because it was new and on offer so I gave it a whirl.God, it was rubbish. It was back when I had brown hair but it just didn't lather at all and hardly made a difference to my hair!Yours looks lovely tho :)xohttp://catsandbrogues.blogspot.com


  2. Becca

    I have to agree that mousse hair dyes are so much easier to use. I've tried quite a few different brands and they all work well enough. Makes a dye job so much less of a hassle! Great post, the colour really suits you :)X


  3. Cat0805

    Yeah I always think that L'oreal have some lovely casting colour dyes, but they are all semi-permanent. I wish they would extend their colour range for permanent dyes. x


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