Ways to detox everyday



I know I have written and article before on detoxing, and whether it is a scam or not. My personal opinion is that tablets, and expensive shakes and syrups are not the answer. Detoxing is being kind to your body, giving it the nutrition it needs so it can function properly.

Everyday your liver, lungs, kidneys, digestive system and lymphatic system work overtime to help keep your body free from toxins. If you were to improve your everyday routine by incorporating a few of these tips you would be giving your body a helping hand, ensuring you stay beautiful. Following these tips could help you be slimmer, less bloated, and keep your hair, nails and skin strong and glowing.
  • Go Organic- This is a big ask, as we all know it can be pricey. But where you can, and whenever you have the opportunity pick organic. To help your body function properly you should feed it premium grade fuel in the form of organic fruit and veg, with plenty of wholegrain fibre and brown rice.
  • Drink more- Very simple, but very effective. You all probably know that drinking water flushes toxins out of your system. You can also get your dose of water from herbal teas, and fruits such as watermelon, cucumber and grapes.
  • Bathing Beauty- Having a sauna is a great way to sweat out you toxins, but if you can’t get to a sauna, try a couple of handfuls of Epsom Salts in your bath. These salts draw out the impurities and improve you circulation.
  • Brush up- Skin brushing is a great way to detox by stimulating the lymphatic system. Do this with a natural bristle brush for five minutes a day, brush along your body towards the heart in long, smooth sweeps. A added benefit to this is that doing this reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Hot and Cold-Rinsing yourself alternatively in hot and cold water really boosts your circulation which helps rid nasty toxins in your body. Take a shower for five minutes in very hot water, allowing it to run down your back. Follow this with cold water for 30 seconds,  repeat 3 times, this will really wake you up.
  • Work it out- Sweat out your toxins. Simple, free and very effective. Studies have found for those who exercise, the time it takes for waste to pass through the system was increased by 60 per cent, not time for toxins to hang around!
  • Yoga Baby-Yoga is not just great for toning. It has great benefits for your insides, obviously the deep breathing used throughout yoga had detoxifying benefits. The yoga poses squeeze, stretch and massage the liver, intestines, kidneys and lungs, this helps you insides eliminate impurities and heal.
  • Snooze to loose- When you sleep your body goes into repair mode, it releases vital hormones that assist in the growth of healthy cells, healing of tissues, and fighting off infections. Studies have shown that those who don’t sleep as much tend to be overweight or obese, more likely to develop diabetes, and eat foods high in calories and carbs.
Do you have any tricks you do everyday to improve your health?


  1. Lila Moonlight

    This is a very good post reminding us the things we should do. Finally the very cold days are over and I can start my outdoor fast speed walks : ) I wish I had more opportunity to have long baths and pamper myself with all the products I have. About your sweet comment, I also couldnt make it to mountain last year, but dont worry next time you go, you will enjoy it much more : ) Good to hear that there are slow skiers like me : )


  2. Cat0805

    Thanks for your comment, it is the little things that all build up. I'm definitely going to go skiing next year, I miss it. I love my slow skiing, nice and safe, untill small french children run into me 🙂 xx


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