Topshop Makeup Brushes| Review

A while ago, actually during the January sales, I bought this makeup brush collection from Topshop. I had previously not owned an entire makeup brush collection, just a few cheap brushes here and there, so thought I would splurge. 
The brush set cost me £26 if I remember correctly (so not so much of a splurge) but I thought it was a bargain, a good starter set, and loved the cute little case it came in too. 

So for the review.

The Good

  • The brushes were soft
  • There is a good variety of brushes, including brushes for face, bronzer, blush, lips and eyes. 
  • Nicely shaped brushes

The Bad

  • Quite thin bristles, not good for packing on colour. 
  • The brushes have started to shed quite a lot… very annoying!
  • After washing the brushes, they do not seem as soft.

    Overall I would give the brushes a 2/5. At first I was very happy with them, but it seems that after continually usage they have almost disintegrated as they just get worse and worse. 

    I am definitely looking at investing in some new brushes. Anyone got any favourites that don’t break the bank? Or does one have to pay money for quality make-up brushes?


    1. Jenifer

      I need some new brushes and don't want to spend a fortune. Brushes that shed all over my face is my pet hate! I usually buy The Body Shop brushes (the best I've used) but they're quite pricey 😦 Jen x


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