The UK vs The States (NTA vs SAG awards)The Good & The Bad

So last week and this weekend we had two award shows, one in the UK and one in the US. The UK awards in my honest opinion are never as glamourous as American awards… more reality TV stars than movie stars!

So I am going to present to you my round up of the 3 best and 3 worst dressed at both award shows, the SAG awards and the NTA’s;

The Good- UK- NTA


Fearne Cotton- Different from others, opting for a shorter style dress, however the embellishment and classic hair and makeup make this dress formal enough for the event.

Heidi Range- A very simple dress, but she wears it very well, she just screams sexy.

Michelle Keegan- A pretty obvious choice, however she always looks glamorousglamourous and amazing at red carpet events. Overall a very simple dress, accessories, hair and makeup but the embellishment make it a standout piece. I love it!

The Good-US-SAG Awards

Β us1-horz

Lea Michelle- Wow she is impressing me at the moment. Showing her sexy side in this gorgeous dress.

Natalie Portman- A simple dress, but perfection! She looks lovely.

Jayma Mays (from glee)- Such a show stopping dress, I love the embellishment… looks like this tend is very popular at the moment.

The Bad- UK- NTA


Chloe Sims- I’m normally a fan of mullet style dresses, but Chloe looks like she attached the train of this dress herself, it looks poorly made and cheap.

Lauren Goodger- I am a fan of Lauren, however she does not dress well for her curvy frame. This dress does not flatter her in the slightest.

Tulisa- Definitely a talking point and a fun dress, however I think it is more suitable to a sixteenth birthday party, not a red carpet event.

The Bad- US-SAG Awards


Heather Morris- Trying to sport the mullet style dress, however I don’t believe she has managed to pull it off. This dress has too much going on at the same time.

Zoe Saldana- I am not keen on this dress at all. I know it’s vintage, however to me it looks like she is wearing a white tank top underneath the top part of the dress.

Amber Riley- She looks like a present waiting to be unwrapped because of the gigantic bow… not a good look.

What do you think about British award season fashion versus the states? Who were you favourite dressed stars for the night?


  1. Katie

    I agree that Tulisa's dress was not red carpet at all, she looks like a flamingo.Though I have to disagree about Karen, I think she looks great!xo


  2. Mrs. Extravaganza

    I like the dresses of Chloe Sims and Lauren Goodger :)They're a kind of sexy and the colours are very beautiful :))I like your Blog so much, so I join your site. Maybe you have a look on my Blog too πŸ™‚ I'm a german Beauty-Blogger :)Lovely Greats, Franszi.


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