A Week in pictures

*Champagne cocktails*
*Healthy dinner*
*Mother Bear and her giant salad*
*View from my bedroom at home*
*Zumba Time*
I’ve had a lovely week, I’ve gotten over my illness, and had some quality time spent with friends and family.
  • Champagne Cocktails- To celebrate finishing our assignments and exams for the past semester me and my best friend went out for a dinner date to celebrate. It was Restaurant Week in Newcastle, where many normally high priced restaurants have special offers on. So we went to Babucio’s on Quayside and it was beautiful. We finished off dinner with some gorgeous champagne cocktails…. yum!
  • Healthy Dinner- this week I have been healthier, and my lovely boyfriend has been cooking some yummy healthy dinners. This was chicken and noodles with chilli, ginger and garlic, with some sweet potato mash… again Yum!
  • Mother Bear and her giant salad- My mum came to visit me in Newcastle for the day and treated me to lunch at Olive and Bean, a great deli that has a wide range of salads, sandwiches and cakes, all homemade… beautiful. We had a lovely shop in Fenwicks as well and she treated herself to a few bits and bobs… a great girly day.
  • View from my bedroom window at home- I spontaneously went home with my mother, and spent a couple of nights back home in the country. I love getting away from the city. My bedroom at my mums backs onto the allotments and fells (She lives in the Lake District) so its amazingly quiet!
  • Zumba time– My mum also had me exercising with her. I tried the Zumba DVD which is loads of fun. I have the video game for the Wii, so already knew some of the dances, we had lots of laughs!
I hope you all had a great week also.


  1. Cat0805

    @GirlieBlogger- They were gorgeous… well deserved :D@TheFashionBoss- Thanks for your comment, I will be dropping by your blog x@Kath- It was a beautiful salad, haloumi cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and honey roasted ham.. nomnomnom


  2. Cat0805

    @Carissa- Thanks darling… I love it too. So peaceful, well apart from the sheep and cockerel :D@RuBee- It's really good, you should definitely go x @ClaireLouise- Zumba is great, such a laugh, you should try it πŸ˜€


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