Benefits To Strength Training

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I hope some of you have done some jumping jacks this past week! I did! I thought they were going to be alright, but they soon get tiring, great all over body workout! I’m definitely keeping it up, as feeling my legs are a bit more toned.
This week my concentration is on strength training. I know far too may girls that are scared of strength workouts and think they are going to end up big and bulky, when in fact this is wrong. All that will happen if you incorporate strength training into your workouts is you will lose inches and weight quicker and you will look better naked… more toned! Now who doesn’t want that!
Studies show that women don’t build bulk, and gain size from strength training like a man does. You instead develop muscle tone and definition.
Even if you don’t have weights, use tins of beans or soup, or use your own body weight by doing lunges, push-ups and crunches.

I’m not going to preach to you , I will only list the benefits; 
  1. You will obviously become stronger – With this your confidence will grow!
  2. You will lose body fat – For every 3 pounds of muscle you gain, you will burn an extra 120 calories a day, thus causing your body to burn fat without even trying!
  3. You burn calories for longer – After lifting weights you body continues to burn calories for an hours after the workout!
  4. You will more likely have a flat stomach – Studies found that lifting weights just twice a week can prevent you from gains abdominal fat!
  5. You will reduce your risk or osteoporosis, heart diseases, diabetes, and depression!
  6. You will reduce your risk of injury – This means you can work out harder for longer when you are at the gym without risking damage to yourself.
The best thing you can do is both… do strength and cardio.

Think of it this way- Cardio sculpts the body from the outside in (Because you are burning away your fat), and strength training sculpts your body from the inside out (Because you are building your muscles underneath your fat).

Do you incorporate strength training in your routine often? What benefits do you see from it?


  1. Bethany

    Lovely post hun i really find your blog usueful! I Was just wondering if you have any tips on getting a flat stomach? Like how to get rid of the muffin top etc haha! šŸ˜¦ it seems like no matter what i do i can never shift it! xx


  2. Cat0805

    @Bethany-Thanks so much for your comment. I'm not an expert, but a muffin top is fat, and to burn fat cardio is the key, so up your cardio. To make the workout more effective try interval training. Also if you are working out I read in women's health that in studies they found people didn't start burning fat till 20 minutes into the exercise, so make sure you workout for at least 25 minutes.You can't specify where you loose fat, but can help the appearance through toning up, try doing the plank for as long as you can hold it, twice a day, this moves works all your ab muscles :DAlso keep mixing it up. Your body gets used to its workout schedule, and won't change as quickly, so change your workout routine every 6 weeks. Hope some of these tips help you darling šŸ˜€ Keep up your good work xxx


  3. Cat0805

    @GirlieBlogger-I wish darling, these pictures are just my inspiration, mine still need a bit of work before I will be posting pictures šŸ˜€ Thanks for your comment xx@Emma- Good I'm glad you do, I hate to see girls being afraid of strength workouts xx@Lucy- Glad I have inspired you, hope you ad some crunches or the plank to your day šŸ˜€


  4. Cat0805

    @Bethany- Hope it helps :D@Essjay23x- I know, thats how I think of it. Try just little things like squats when brushing your teeth, or crunches in advert breaks, every little helps šŸ˜€


  5. Yolandaas

    Im so glad someone highlighted this.. especially no2. This is so true.. I find it so strange though that some girls think they would automatically go hench if they do weighs.. I mean even guys have to work REALLY hard to get results.. its not THAT easy lol.. And yeah also you will get faster results.. x


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