A Week in Pictures


    A relatively quiet week compared to last week. Even though I’ve been back at work for many hours I still feel like I have had time to relax and step down a gear. It won’t be for long, seems I’m back at uni next week and really need to crack on with my dissertation.

Treats off the boyfriend for finishing my assignments– pretty much self explanatory. I got lovely flowers, some of my favourite wine, and my favourite chocolate.. such a lucky girl!

My Friend messing around at uni- this is where we spent most of last week, and this picture was taken after handing one assignment in, which we had stayed up all night doing, and having to crack on with the next one. So we were all a bit sleep deprived. 

Chocolate pudding from Domino’s– all I have to say if nomnomnom!

Dosing up on Lemsip- I have fallen ill….noooooo! Probably due to the lack of sleep and bad diet last week. I’m really pathetic when I’m ill so trying to shift my cold.

My green smoothie– back on the health kick, starting with smoothies again for breakfast. It looks pretty gross but it actually is really refreshing and tastes alright!

I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Cat0805

    Haha it is, its a mixture, of spinach, melon, mint, cucumber and mango. Doesn't sound great but it is refreshing and very filling.. and great breakfast. Really trying to kick start my health kick lol. Thanks for your comment lovely 😀 x


  2. Sam

    Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by:)So lucky to get gifts for completing assignments, if that's not a motivator than I don't know what is ;)Sorry to hear that you're ill, hope that you get better soon!Your smoothie looks really interesting! What do you put in it?


  3. Cat0805

    @MissSophieOlivia I know he is a sweetheart! I am feeling better too.. goodtimes :D@Danielle The smoothie is a perfect start to the day, super healthy, filling, and refreshing!@Sam No problem, I know, I'm very lucky! The smoothie has melon, cucumber, mint, spinach, mango and apple juice…. really yummy!


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