Body Scrub Review // Scrub Up Naked

    I am obsessed with exfoliating! I love it, the whole process of getting rid of old skin and revealing lovely soft glowing skin.. amazing! (Obviously I don’t over do it, as this does more harm than good.) I often find with scrubs that they are not coarse enough for my liking, I actually like to feel the grains against my skin, not just for me to feel once and then for them to disintegrate like many do. I have my favourite facial scrub (Find out what it is here!) However I am yet to find a perfect body scrub. The best one I found was a one from Boots’ Sanctuary range, it was a salt or sugar scrub.  I wanted to try a new one, so I looked up on Ebay and found a big giant tub of natural sea salt scrub for about Β£3.50… Bargain! It is made by the Natural Bodycare company, which is based in the UK. They use natural products and are against animal testing… great for such a cheap product! Now for the Review;

    The Good

    It is coarse! Yeah, lots of grainy bits of salt to rub into your skin! 

    – This salt does not disintegrate quickly

    – Meaning you you do not have to use much in one wash

    – It leaves skin lovely and smooth (obviously this is the required result of a scrub but this scrub makes this smoothness obvious.)

    – It’s animal friendly and natural (always a plus)

The Bad

The scrub leaves a waxy residue on the skin, this is obviously a result of the product being natural, but I do find it a little too waxy for my liking. (I suppose really the wax is keeping moisture in, but either way I don’t like the feel of it.)

Overall I feel I am still looking out for a favourite body scrub, so will probably try something new next time.

Does anyone have a favourite body scrub they would recommend?


  1. Beauty Balm

    the facial scrubs I swear by are Lush's Ocean Salt or Dr Nick Lowe's Cooling Menthol Facial Scrub – its a real wake up call in the morning! For the body I love The Sanctuary or make a homemade one x


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