Look Perfect Despite Not Feeling It| How to Cure a Hangover

 how to cure a hangover

So it’s that time of year, when a lot of people burn the candle at both ends of the stick. Meaning some of us can end up becoming unwell and looking even worse. As I work in  hospitality I don’t get much time off work, so I am guilty of not having much sleep and too much alcohol. Here are a some tips that I follow or have heard of through the years.

Tired Puffy Eyes

We’ve all woken up with little piggy eyes, despite getting what we thought was enough sleep. These puffy eyes, are actually caused by things such as dehydration from excessive alcohol consumption, or from sleeping in dry stuffy rooms. To reduce the symptoms try letting gravity do its work, so prop your head up while you sleep with an extra pillow. If this does not help, try gently tapping the eye area lightly with your finger tips, working from the inner eye by your nose, toward the temple. If this does still not work, use the good old trick of cupping each closed eye with a chilled stainless steel teaspoon for five minutes.

Bloodshot eyes

Eyedrops! Eyedrops! Eyedrops! These work miracles, as often bloodshot eyes are the telltale of a tired or hungover person.

Chapped lips and noses

Shiny, peeling noses are often around this time of year. The easiest way to get rid is of a slick of one per cent hydrocortison products such as Hc45 cream, which is available at chemists. Chapped lips need protected and healed from products such as Vaseline, use this especially at bedtime. Always avoid matte, pale, frosty lip colours of you do have chapped lips as this highly emphasized the flaky lips, instead use moisturizing lipstick with a sheer gloss or satin texture.

Dry, Flaky skin

Due to low humidity, central heating and other dehydrating elements of the colder months, our skin becomes dry, flaky and dull. I am an avid believer in exfoliating, but it is needed even more so in the winter. We do not shed our skin unlike reptiles, so we need to give ourselves a helping hand. Exfoliating will rid the old dead skin cells, and reveal more fresh healthy cells. Always layer on the moisturiser afterwards though, otherwise you will see no benefit. Outdoor exercise will also help boost circulation and will improve the look of your skin.

Dull Complexion

Diet and exercise will always help your complexion, there is really nothing better. So despite the cold months and stodgy food, please still keep up your exercise regime. Boost your complexion even more so with the use of a good moisturiser, a radiance-enhancing one will work best. Really massage the lotion into your face, then let it absorb into your skin for five to ten minutes before applying your foundation.

The Dreaded Hangover

You feel awful because of the alcohol leaving you dehydrated, which affects the blood vessels around the brain giving you an awful headache. The things you can do to minimize the symptoms are-

–  Line your stomach before you go out with a good meal. This helps slow down the rate the alcohol is absorbed.
– Drink water before, during & after drinking alcohol. This is the best thing you can do as it slows down your drinking, helps flush your body of the alcohol & stops dehydration.
– Treat headaches with paracetamol rather than aspirin or ibuprofen painkillers as these can irritate your stomach.
– Eat protein rich meals (if you can keep it down) scrambled eggs, or a chicken wrap are ideal.
– If you are feeling sick, ginger helps as it has anti-nausea qualities. So have a smoothie with ginger included in it, also a smoothie will help replenish your body with vitamins.
– Eat yoghurt, better still live yoghurt. As the “friendly” probiotic bacteria in your gut can help to boost recovery from alcohol-induced liver damage.

What are your go-to tips to ensure you look alive after a heavy few nights? What hangover cure do you use?


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