Diet Tips| Dinner Do’s and Don’t

 diet dos and donts

After my article on “18 days to look fabulous” a few comments mentioned that they find the many dinners they share with family and friends the hardest part of trying to be healthy during the holidays.
So I am going to share a couple of tips I have picked up. Make sure even when following these tips that you enjoy your dinners. Do not spend Christmas worrying about what you put in your mouth, still indulge, just don’t over-indulge!

Fill up half your plate with vegetables or salad

Vegetables and fruit are obviously extremely good for both for your waistline and also your skin and hair. The more food you have on your plate that has less calories, the less you are going to eat over all.  When choosing veg, try and pick leafy greens – spinach is fantastic!

Try everything, don’t panic about eating something that may have a high calorie count

Don’t deprive yourself of anything, just make sure you don’t over indulge. Just make sure you only have a couple of bites. Mariah Carey followed this rule to lose weight for her world tour. It is called the Morsel Diet, named so, because you have a tiny portion/couple of bites of whatever food you want, but ONLY a couple of bites. It’s not really a sustainable way to go through life, but by only having one bite of chocolate and not the bar you get your chocolate fix but not the huge intake in sugar and fat.

Only have what is on your plate!

Only eating what is on your plate means you have better portion control. Do not nibble before hand when preparing food, and do not take seconds. If you must, have more meat, more vegetables, not more potatoes.

Ask for a smaller plate.

If with your own family, this is a simple ask, if not do not worry. If you have a smaller plate, you can not fit as much on it, so will definitely eat less. When at a buffet, a party or other event, follow the same rule. Have one plate only, fill it half with salad or vegetables, and have plenty of chicken legs (they always seem to have these at buffets) Just keep away form the carbs (pastry/ crisps etc) and stock up on protein (chicken, ham, sausages)

Do not nibble on sweets, crisps, nuts throughout the day!

Again this goes back to portion control. If you have nibble make sure you control your portions. Take a separate bowl and have a handful (one handful) and eat this portion and this portion alone. If you don’t portion and instead nibble and graze, you do not realise how much you have eaten, and can over eat very easily.

Have some dessert!

You don’t have to deprive yourself. If you fancy some pudding have a small portion without loading on the cream, icecream or custard. Skipping these can save you 200 calories and alot of fat.

If you can not follow these tips, it does not matter! What you need to do is pick 3 or 4 big events, and have whatever you want during these dinners/parties, and just eat moderately and healthily for the rest of the time.

I hope these tips help you take control of your diet over the holidays. What is your tip for staying healthy over the holidays?


  1. Cat0805

    @GirlieBlogger Thanks for your comment. Just enjoy Christmas and don't worry too much about nibbling :D@Mariana Yeah its all about the hand. You don't need fancy spoons and cups :D@AHeelinMint It is a really good rule to go by though, and you are proof it works 😀 Fill yourself up with the veg and you won't have room for the less healthy stuff@Meaw Well now you have a handy little guide 😀 Hope you follow it 😀 xx


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