British Fashion Awards 2011

fashion awards 2011 

A huge congratulations to Victoria Beckham. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a huge love and admiration for the woman, so I was over the moon when I heard she won Designer Brand of the Year. After all her hard work, she has finally solidified her place in the fashion world. I think it was great to see, a rare moment of emotion from her as well, which shows just how much this award meant to her. Watch the Video Below;

The designer of the year was obviously going to be Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, there was no questioning that. I mean she does deserve it after designing the dress of the year, however it would of been interesting to see who would of won if there had not been the Royal Wedding.

For the British Style Award, I was disappointed to see Alexa Chung win it. I am not saying she is not stylish, She is incredibly stylish, and a great muse, you only have to look at Mulberry for that. However she won the award last year, she always dresses the same, and never really pushes the boundaries of style, and I feel a bit over her really. It would be nice to see someone else being the “it” girl for a change. There was a lot of up-roar from the press, saying that Kate Middleton deserved to win the award after all she has frequented the pages of “Best Dressed” far more than Alexa Chung has this year.

What do you think? Who would you have picked as your winners?


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