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blog post - glitter dresses
Nothing is making me more festive at the moment that all the wonderful, sparkly, glittery fashion. I absolutely adore it. I know normally metallic shades always pop up at this time of year, along with jewel colours and your classic black dresses. But the added glitter elements to accessories and clothes is something new, and if done correctly looks great. However if done incorrectly the look can be quite cheap and tacky looking. Try and stick to one glittery item per outfit.

Here’s some inspiration from the designers-

blog post - wish7-tile 

How shop the highstreet –

glitter christmas party dresses

For other items, look more in Topshop, River Island, New Look, French Connection and even Marks and Spencer. This look is pretty much in every shop, and will see you through all the Christmas parties, and through to New Year. For pieces that will still be in season in January and February, bags would be a good investment, as they will just spruce up an outfit and not be too Christmassy for the none Christmas season. If again this look it too over bearing for you, and you prefer something even more subtle, look for glittery nail polishes and eye-shadows, or even a hair piece/ hair band.

Have you recently bought a glitter dress for Christmas party season?


  1. Audrey

    Love this post,I love glitters,have you seen Lita's Jeffrey Campell in glitter?they're awesome!I like the choice to mix fashion and health,I'm following you.Congrats 4 your blog (:


  2. Cat0805

    Fashion Cappucino- Thanks for your comment 😀 I think the dresses are simple gorgeous too xxAudrey- Your comment really brightened up my day, thanks. I've just googled them, they are simply amazing! Definitely want some 😀 x


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