Food Intake Recently| The Benefits to Soup & Smoothies

the beneifts to soup and smoothies
Recently I have had this obsession on not becoming ill. I have a million assignments to do for university, my dissertation to write, I work 30+ hours a week in hospitality, plus it’s party season… so basically I don’t have time to be ill! And with loads of my colleagues being ill I had to take some preventative action.
Boost of Vitamins
I decided to up my vitamin intake and make loads of vegetable soup, and eat a bowl a day, hoping the vitamins would keep my immune system up. It seems to have worked, plus my skin and hair looked amazing thanks to the boost in nutrients and vitamins. I have done well at sticking to eating soup, so decided to increase my vitamins more and added smoothies to my diet. So before I knew it I was having home made smoothies for breakfast, and home made soup for lunch. I feel great because of it, and because they are full of fibre and protein, I feel fuller for longer, so I don’t feel the urge to snack. As a consequence in the past 2 weeks I have lost 6 pounds in weight, which is a great side effect!

Recipes Ideas

For recipe inspiration on tumblr, BBC Good Food or SparkRecipes. And as long as you have a blender it is easy to do. You can even make a few days worth in one go and leave them in glasses in the fridge, so you can just grab your smoothie in the morning.
I have really just accidently found myself on a replica of one of these silly meal replacement plans that people pay fortunes for, yet mine is completely natural, cheaper, and has the same effect. I’d much rather eat real food than pay for artificial shakes and bar packed full of chemicals.

Have you ever tried a meal replacement diet? Or do you favour more green and natural diets?

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